HiPC '99 6th International Conference on High Performance Computing
December 17-20, 1999 Calcutta, India


Cosponsored by:
IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Parallel Processing
Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

Held in Cooperation with:
Indian Institutes of Technology
Software Technology Parks of India
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, India
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC), India
CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation, India


Call for Papers

Program Committee

Tutorials, Exhibits and Awards

HiPC '99 Organizing Committee

Important Dates


The 1999 International Conference  on High Performance Computing  will be held in  Calcutta, India, December  17-20, 1999. This is the sixth annual international meeting on high performance computing which is being organized in  India.   It will serve as   a forum to  present current work by researchers from around the world as well as highlight activities in Asia in the high performance computing area.

The    meeting  will emphasize   both design    and  analysis  of high performance computing systems  and their scientific, engineering,  and commercial applications.   In    addition to  technical   sessions  of contributed  paper  presentations, the  conference  will offer invited presentations,  a  poster/presentation  session,   tutorials,   vendor presentations, and exhibits.

The conference has a history of  attracting participation from reputed researchers  from all   over  the world.  The  fourth  meeting held in Bangalore, India in 1997 had  77 contributed papers from 18  countries and  additional special sessions  and  mini-panels.  Approximately 250 participants attended the meeting.  The  conference had  tutorials  on cutting    edge topics in    high   performance computing  by  leading researchers  from academia and industry. Please   refer to the WWW at www.hipc.org for more information on previous meetings.


Viktor K. Prasanna
University of Southern California
EEB 200C
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2562, USA
Tel: +1 (213) 740 4483
Fax:  +1 (213) 740 4418
Internet: prasanna@ganges.usc.edu

Bhabani P. Sinha,
ACM  Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
203, B. T. Road
Calcutta - 700 035, INDIA
Tel: +91 (33) 577-8087
Fax: +91 (33) 577-6680
Internet: bhabani@isical.ac.in


D.N. Jayasimha
Intel Corporation
Internet: djayasim@mipos2.intel.com


Authors are invited  to  submit original unpublished  manuscripts that demonstrate current   research  in   all areas of     high performance computing including design   and analysis of parallel and  distributed systems  and  their   applications  in  scientific,  engineering,  and commercial areas.  Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

* Parallel Algorithms
* Scientific Computation
* Parallel Architectures
* Visualization
* Parallel Languages & Compilers
* Network and Cluster Based Computing
* Distributed Systems
* Signal & Image Processing Systems
* Programming Environments
* Supercomputing Applications
* Memory Systems
* Internet and WWW-based Computing
* Multimedia and High Speed Networks
* Scalable Servers

To submit an original  research  paper, send your  complete manuscript (not to exceed 15 double-spaced pages of text using 12 point size type on 8.5 x 11 inch  pages)  to the  Program Chair. References,  figures, tables, etc.  may be included  in addition  to  the  fifteen pages  of text. Electronic  submissions are encouraged   and should  be sent  to hipc99@ece.nwu.edu.  Electronic submissions must  be in the form  of a readable postscript file  containing the following header  information in ASCII form: title, author name(s), abstract, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone and fax  numbers. The header (in ASCII)  should be  followed  by the  postscript  version  of the complete  manuscript (including title, author's name, affiliation, and abstract).

Authors  should submit  a correct  PostScript  (level 2) file of their paper to be considered  and make  sure  that the PostScript  file will print on a  PostScript printer that  uses 8.5 x  11 inch  size (letter size) paper. All  manuscripts  will be reviewed.  Manuscripts   must be received by April 26, 1999.  Submissions received after the  due date or exceeding the  length    limit may not  be    considered. Notification of review decisions will be mailed by June 30, 1999. Camera-ready papers are due August 1, 1999.  Proceedings will  be available at the Conference. Fax submissions will  not be considered.   Hard copy submissions  are also permitted and, like electronic submissions, must  be received by April 26, 1999. Send six copies of the manuscript to:


Prith Banerjee
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL-60208
TEL: +1 (847) 491-3641
FAX: +1 (847) 491-4455
Internet: banerjee@ece.nwu.edu


Alok Choudhary
Northwestern University

Sajal Das
University of North Texas

Vipin Kumar
University of Minnesota

S. K. Nandy
Indian Institute of Science

Mateo Valero
Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya

Pen Yew
University of Minnesota


Rupak Biswas, NASA Ames Research Center
P. C. P. Bhatt, Kochi University of Technology, Japan
Lynn Choi,  University of California, Irvine
Ajoy Datta, University Nevada, Las Vegas
Chitta Ranjan Das, Penn State University
Hank Dietz, Purdue University
Fikret Ercal, University of Missouri, Rolla
Richard Enbody, Michgan State University
Sharad Gavali, NASA
Siddhartha Ghoshal, Indian Institute of Science, India
Manish Gupta, IBM Watson Research Center
Ananth Grama, Purdue University
Frank Hsu, Fordham University
Matthew Jacob, Indian Institute of Science
Divyesh Jadav, IBM Almaden Research Center
Joseph JaJa, University of Maryland
Mahmut Kandemir, Syracuse University
George Karypis, University of Minnesota
Ralph Kohlerr, Air Force Research Labs
Dilip Krishnaswamy, Intel Corporation
Shashi Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Zhiyuan Li, Purdue University
David Lilja,  University of Minnesota
Rajib Mall, Indian Intitute of Technology, Kharagpur
Prasant Mohapatra, Iowa State University
Nihar Mahapatra, SUNY at Buffalo
Bhagirath Narahari, George Washington University
Stephan Olariu, Old Dominion Univ.
Ajit Pal, Indian Intitute of Technology, Kharagpur
Dhabaleswar Panda, The Ohio State University
Cristina Pinotti, IEI-CNR, Italy
Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Univ of Florida
J. Ramanujam,  Louisiana State Univ
Abhiram Ranade, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (Bombay)
Pandu Rangan, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (Madras)
Sanjay Ranka, University of Florida
A. L. Narasimha Reddy, Texas A & M University
Amber Roy-Chowdhury, Transarc Corp
P. Sadayappan, The Ohio State University
Subhash Saini, NASA Ames Research Center
Sanjeev Saxena, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Elizabeth Shriver, Bell Labs
Rahul Simha, College of William and Mary
Per Stenstrom, Chalmers University, Sweden
Valerie Taylor, Northwestern University
Rajeev Thakur,  Argonne National Lab
Josep Torrellas,  University of Illinois, Urbana
Nian-Feng Tzeng, University of Southwestern Louisiana
Albert Zomaya, University of Western Australia


In addition to   parallel sessions of  contributed papers,   a plenary poster/presentation session   emphasizing novel applications  of  high performance   computing is  planned.    This   session will   be  held concurrently  with a reception followed by  a dinner.  It will offer a brief presentation time   for each poster and   will be followed by  a walk-up and talk setting. To be considered, please send a 5 page summary of your work to the Poster/Presentation Chair by September 1, 1999. For additional details contact the Poster/Presentation Chair.


Sartaj Sahni
University of Florida
Internet: sahni@cise.ufl.edu


Proposals are  solicited  for tutorials  to  be held  at  the meeting. Interested individuals should submit a proposal by June 3, 1999 to the Tutorials  Chair.  The proposal should include  a brief description of the intended audience, a lecture outline and vita for lecturer(s).


Manavendra Misra
Colorado School of Mines
Internet: mmisra@mines.edu


Companies and  R & D laboratories  are  encouraged  to present  their exhibits  at  the meeting.    In  addition, a   full   day of   vendor presentations  is planned.  For  details,  companies are encouraged to contact the Exhibits Chair by August 31, 1999:


R. Govindarajan
Supercomputer Edn. & Res. Centre
Computer Science  & Automation
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560 012, INDIA
Tel: +91 (80) 309 2794 (or) +91 (80) 334 6654
Fax: +91 (80) 334 6648
Internet: govind@serc.iisc.ernet.in


Several awards will be presented at the  meeting.  These are sponsored by companies operating in India:

Distinguished    Speaker  Awards:     These   awards, sponsored     by Hewlett-Packard  India  Ltd.,  IBM   Global Services,  IBM   Solutions Research  Centre   (India),  ITL    Infosys Technologies,    and  Tata Consultancy Services, will be presented to keynote speakers.

Best Paper   Awards:  These awards,   sponsored  by  Compaq(India), will be awarded   to outstanding contributed  papers  in the Systems and Algorithms and Applications areas.

Student  Fellowships: Silicon Graphics  Systems  (India) is sponsoring fellowships  for students  at academic  institutions  within  India to participate in the meeting.  For  details  contact the Student  Awards Chair.

Student Scholarships: Tata-IBM  is sponsoring scholarships to students at academic  institutions within India  to participate in the meeting. For details contact the Student Awards Chair.


Internet: arvind@lcs.mit.edu


C.P. Ravikumar
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Internet: rkumar@ee.iitd.ernet.in



Viktor K. Prasanna
University of Southern California

Bhabani P. Sinha
Indian Statistical Institute


D.N. Jayasimha
Intel Corporation


Prith Banerjee
Northwestern University


Arvind, MIT
Vijay Bhatkar, C-DAC
Wen-Tsuen Chen, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Yoo Kun Cho, Seoul National University, Korea
Michel Cosnard, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
Jose Duato, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
Ian Foster, Argonne National Labs.
Anoop Gupta, Stanford University and Microsoft Research
Louis Hertzberger, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chris Jesshope, Massey University, New Zealand
David Kahaner, Asian Technology Information Program, Japan
Guojie Li, National Research Centre for Intelligent Computing Systems, China
Miroslaw Malek, Humboldt University, Germany
Lionel Ni, Michigan State University
Lalit M. Patnaik, Indian Institute of Science
Viktor K. Prasanna, USC, Chair
N. Radhakrishnan, US Army
Jose Rolim, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida
Assaf Schuster, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Vaidy Sunderam, Emory University
Satish Tripathi, University of California, Riverside
David Walker, Oak Ridge National Labs.
K.S. Yajnik, Yajnik and Associates
Albert Y. Zomaya, University of Western Australia


Alok Aggarwal, IBM Solutions Research Centre, India
R.K. Bagga, DRDL, Hyderabad
N. Balakrishnan, Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science
Ashok Desai, Silicon Graphics Systems (India) Private Ltd.
Kiran Deshpande, Mahindra British Telecom Ltd.
H.K. Kaura, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Hans H. Krafka, Siemens Communication Software Ltd.
Ashish Mahadwar, PlanetAsia Ltd.
Pradeep Marwaha, Cray Research International Inc.
Susanta Misra, Motorola India Electronics Ltd.
Som Mittal, Digital Equipment (India) Ltd.
B.V. Naidu, Software Technology Park, Bangalore
N.R. Narayana Murthy, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
S.V. Raghavan, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai
V. Rajaraman, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
S. Ramadorai, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai
K. Ramani, Future Software Pvt. Ltd.
S. Ramani, National Centre for Software Technology
Karthik Ramarao, Hewlett-Packard India Ltd.
Kalyan Rao, Satyam Computers Ltd.
S.B. Rao, Indian Statistical Institute
Uday Shukla, Tata IBM Ltd.
U.N. Sinha, National Aerospace Laboratories


Manavendra Misra
Colorado School of Mines


Sartaj Sahni
University of Florida


Nalini Venkatasubramanian
University of California, Irvine


R. Govindarajan
Indian Institute of Science


Vipin Kumar
University of Minnesota


A.K.P. Nambiar
Software Technology Park, Bangalore

Ajay Gupta
Western Michigan University


Kiran Bondalapati
University of Southern California
Internet: kiran@usc.edu




C.P. Ravikumar
Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi


K.R. Venugopal
Internet: rajuk@aries.iitm.ernet.in


M.K. Chakraborti
Indian Statistical Institute
Internet: mihir@isical.ac.in


Nabanita Das
Indian Statistical Institute
Internet: ndas@isical.ac.in


J. Dattagupta
Indian Statistical Institute
Internet: jdg@isical.ac.in


The advance program will be available in July 1999.
Check www.hipc.org for updated information.


April 26,    1999            Conference Paper Due
June   3,    1999            Tutorial Proposal Due
June  30,    1999           Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
August 1,    1999          Camera-Ready Paper Due
September 1, 1999        Poster/Presentation Summary Due