HiPC'99 Mini-symposium

High-Performance Data Mining

December 19, 1999



Vipin Kumar
University of Minnesota
E-mail: kumar@cs.umn.edu
Jaideep Srivastava
University of Minnesota
E-mail: srivasta@cs.umn.edu

          Summary: The current decade has seen an explosive growth in database technology and the amount of data collected. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for "data mining", which is a process of efficient supervised or unsupervised discovery of interesting information hidden in the data. The focus of this symposium is to bring together experts from the academia and the industry, including researchers and practitioners, to discuss issues in this important area. Due to the huge size of data and amount of computation involved in data mining algorithms, parallel processing is often considered an essential component for a successful data mining solution - which will be a special emphasis of this symposium. Talks in this mini-symposium will cover both the current state-of-the-practice as well as state-of-the-research in data mining. A highlight of the symposium is a panel discussion on the theory and practice of data mining. Submission Procedure The minisymposium will consist of invited as well contributed presentations. To be considered for a contributed presentation, please submit a 1-page abstract and a URL to additional material (perhaps longer version of the submission) to one of the mini-symposium co-organizers by September 1. Final program for the minisymposium will be available by October 1, 1999.