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Information for Sponsors
  Contact at the Conference Hotel for sending sponsorship material
  Name Ms. Onkita Chowdhury
  Address Taj Residency, 41/3, M. G. Road, Bangalore
  Phone 91-80-6660 4444
  Sponsorship Information, Sponsorship Options and General Questions
  Rama K Govindaraju: rama.govindaraju [at} gmail (dot] com
  1 A maximum of 4 sheets of double sided A4 paper (glossy/thick paper is also fine) can be included as part of the registration kit.
  2 Additional information material can be left on the registration desk for registrants to pick up as necessary.
  Sponsorship materials
  Please send all the materials in support of your sponsorship directly to Ms. Onkita Chowdhury, please mark a copy of ALL emails regarding the same (including confirmation/tracking of the shipment of material) to the following email IDs as well:
  Rama K Govindaraju: rama.govindaraju[at}gmail (dot] com
  Rajeev Muralidhar: rajeev.d.muralidhar[at}intel (dot]com
  All material MUST reach Taj Residency latest by Dec. 12th. This includes information that needs to be included with the registration package, any material you want to distribute to the attendees. Any material delivered after Dec. 12th is not guaranteed to be included in the registration kit. Sponsors have to verify the delivery of the materials with Ms.Onkita directly.
Please contact Mr. Rajeev Muralidhar for any further clarifications information on this at rajeev.d.muralidhar[at}intel (dot]com.
  Sponsorship website
  For logos and other information that you want on the conference website (potentially useful information for all other sponsors as well) should be sent to Rama Govindaraju: rama.govindaraju[at}gmail (dot] com
  Booth size
  All both sizes will be 6 ft x 8 ft. For further questions on the booth please contact Kalyan at kalyanakrishna[at}gmail (dot] com. Please let Kalyan know if you need a booth by Nov. 1st. A basic booth with basic furniture (tables/chairs) will be provided along with wireless internet access. The booths will be ready by Dec. 17th night and will need to be removed by evening of the Dec. 18th.
  Banner for the conference
  Please contact Kalyan regarding the specifications for the banner. Please also provide a contact name for your company to work through any issues that may arise with this. Please send the banner images in print quality high dpi (min of 300dpi) to Kalyan. Order of preference for the format for quality is – EPS, Coreldraw, PDF. The images should be mailed to Kalyan latest by November 30th.
  Logo for the conference web site
  Please send a the logo, both as a png/jpeg for the website, as well as a high quality one for print matter. Mail this to Animesh Pathak at animesh.pathak [at} inria (dot] fr as soon as your sponsorship is confirmed.
  Finance chairs for invoicing and payment
  For $s Ajay Gupta ajay.gupta [at} wmich (dot] edu
  For Rs Venugopalan Nair - thondiyil_nair [at} yahoo (dot] co (dot] in
  Invoicing Please let Ajay or Venu know to whom and where the invoices should be sent by Oct. 1st.
  Payment Payment is due by Oct. 15th so that the planning and preparation for the conference can start on time. For this year, due to some unusual delays this deadline has been extended to Dec. 1st.
  For submitting names of registrants as part of the sponsorship, please send the names to Sally and Jyothsna at sjw [at} useda (dot] com and Jyothsna.kasturirengan [at} gmail (dot] com respective. The deadline for sending the names for sponsored registrants is Nov. 15th. The names of the sponsored tutorial attendees must be sent to Sally and Jyothsna by Nov. 15th as well. A maximum of 3 people are allowed to register as part of manning the booth. This is separate from the 10 that are allocated for the program registration.
  Industrial session speakers
  The names, short bios, title, small passport size photograph in jpg format and short abstract of the talk are all due by Nov. 1st to Rama. This will allow for the industrial session flier to be sent for publication and inclusion in the registration packages in time.
  Feedback lunch session with the sponsors
  This is scheduled for the lunch time of Dec. 19th. Please come with some ideas on how we can enhance the value of the conference for both the attendees and the sponsors. Please send email to Rama on the representatives who will be joining us from your organization (a max of 2 per organization).
  Latest Updates
  Latest updates and information for the sponsors (latest version of this document) can be found at: http://www.hipc.org/hipc2008/industry.htm
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