Student Research Symposium


HiPC 2016 will feature the 9th Student Research Symposium on High Performance Computing, Data, and Analytics aimed at stimulating and fostering student research, and providing an international forum to highlight student research accomplishments in HPC. The symposium will also give students exposure to the best practices of senior HPC researchers in academia and industry. In a departure from previous years, the symposium will feature only student posters; there will be no talks by students. This change will give students a greater opportunity for other enriching experiences. As well as hearing keynote talks and attending technical sessions, SRS students will be able to attend and participate in workshops and take advantage of information provided by industry exhibits, demos, and presentations. The Conference Reception and multiple Student Symposium Poster Exhibit sessions will provide an opportunity for students to interact with HPC researchers and practitioners (and recruiters) from academia and industry.

Papers Accepted for Poster Presentation

The following papers have been accepted for poster presentation on both Day 2 and Day 3 of the conference. They will be on display next to the conference industry exhibits, and available for viewing throughout both days. Student authors will be available during breaks to answer questions.

Design and Implementation of Generative Models for Odor Classification Using Electronic Nose.
Kumar Shashvat and Amol Bhondekar

Scheduling of Cholesky Factorization with lookahead information.
Suraj Kumar, Olivier Beaumont and Lionel Eyraud-Dubois

Implementing Deep v-support vector machine for classification problem in spark cluster.
Sekhar Banarjee and Motahar Reza

Data Cube 2.0: Data Dodecahedron(DRON) Operator using Euclid’s Model for OLAPing BIGDATA Aggregation.
Sharath Yaji and Neelima Bayyapu

Branch Predictor Attacks : An Empirical Exploration.
Moumita Das and Arnab Kar

CoKeeper: An Adaptive Co-resident VM Membership Maintenance Method.
Ziqi You, Yi Ren, Renshi Liu, Jianbo Guan and Yusong Tan

Fast Large Graph Algorithms on GPU.
Ankur Anandapu and Basavaraj Talawar

Accelerated Fluid Simulation of Low Temperature Plasmas on Intel Xeon Phi MIC Architecture.
Henil Shah, Anurag Gupta, Saumya Bhadani and Bhaskar Chaudhury

HBaseChainDB – Blockchain Infrastructure for the Hadoop Ecosystem over HBase.
Adarsh Saraf, Sanju Singh, Naveen H. and Pallav Kumar Baruah

Scalable I/O Management in Multi-tenant Hadoop Clusters.
Amrit Kumar, Sanik Thapa, Shubhranshu S. Panda and Pallav Kumar Baruah

A Scalable Vertex Centric Distributed Algorithm for Streaming Betweenness Centrality.
Sai Ganesh Muthuraman, Yogesh Murthy K, Bala Praveen Kumar and Pallav Kumar Baruah

Single Image Super Resolution using Transformed Self-Exemplars:A Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Approach.
Chaitanya Pavan Tanay Kondapalli, Diwakar Kartheek Pingali, Jyothi Kumar Behara, Pallav Kumar Baruah, Chandrasekaran Venkatachalam and Srikanth Khanna

EFOCS: An Efficient and Fast Overlapped Community Detection System For Complex Networks.
Mrudula Sarvabhatla and Chandra Sekhar

Traffic big data prediction and visualization using Decision Forest Regression Algorithm.
Lakshmi Singh, Rajat K Pathak and Motahar Reza

Distributed Algorithms for Subgraph-Centric Graph Platforms.
Diptanshu Kakwani and Yogesh Simmhan

Partitioning Test Cases for Heap Programs.
Awanish Pandey and Subhajit Roy

Block Placement Strategy and Handling Small Files Problem in Heterogeneous Hadoop Cluster.
Ch.Bhaskar Vishnuvardhan and Pallav Kumar Baruah

Multi-GPU Graph Traversal with Unified Virtual Memory.
Vamsi Bokam and Rupesh Nasre

An Evolutionary Algorithm for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Environment.
Wahdat Safia, Nirbhay Chandorkar, Kumar Vaibhav, Anup Bhattacharjee and Rajesh Kalmady

ARM Wrestling with x64: A Study of Web and Terasort Workloads.
Sarthak Sharma and Yogesh Simmhan

Streaming String Sort : A Hybrid String Sort on CPU+GPU.
Kalpit Thakkar and P J Narayanan

On-Chip Network simulation acceleration using FPGAs.
Khyamling Parane, Prabhu Prasad B M and Basavaraj Talawar

HiMesh : A Low Power High Performance Improved Architecture for 3-D On-Chip Networks.
Anagh Singh, Anamik Sarvaiya and Basavaraj Talawar

Texturizing PPCG: Supporting Texture Memory in a Polyhedral Compiler.
Abhishek Patwardhan and Ramakrishna Upadrasta

Customized Face Classification to Reduce the Training Time: A Proposal.
Raghurama Rao, Gururaja Rao, Rajesh Poojary, Gajendra S Patagara and Neelima B

A Data Locality based MapReduce Scheduler in Heterogeneous Environments.
Nenavath Srinivas Naik, Atul Negi and Sastry Vinjamuri N

A Comparative Study of Vectorization in Compilers.
Das Santanu, Dangeti Tharun Kumar, Bora Utpal and U Ramakrishna

A Clustering-Based Approach for Workload Estimation in the Cloud.
Vasu Jindal

An Analysis of Cache Restoration Prefetching Techniques for Addressing the Cold Cache Problem.
Nagakishore Jammula

Resource Allocation and Placement for Distributed Stream Processing.
Aakash Khochare and Yogesh Simmhan