HiPC International Conference On High Performance Computing
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HiPC 2002 - Bangalore, India - December 18-21
Bangalore Palace
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Program Highlights

Program Chair
Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida

General Co-Chairs
Viktor Prasanna, University of Southern California
Uday Shukla, IBM Global Services India Pvt. Limited

5 Workshops

  • Workshop on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Workshop on Soft Computing
  • Trusted Internet Workshop
  • Workshop on Cutting Edge Computing
  • Workshop on Storage Area Networks

10 Tutorials

  • Computational Methods in Bioinformatics
  • Writing Parallel Programs with OpenMP
  • Data Stream Mining in Mobile and Distributed Environments
  • The Early 21st Century Processor Architecture Landscape
  • Wireless Sensor Network Protocols
  • Wireless Networking using IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth: Technology and Research Challenges
  • Quantum Computing
  • Design for High Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
  • Data Grid Management Systems: Towards Knowledge Grid Networks
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Pervasive Computing

5 Keynotes

  • Imrich Chlamtac, University of Texas at Dallas
    "Protocols for Bandwidth Management in Third Generation Optical Networks"
  • Patrick Lysaght, Xilinx Research Labs
    "Beyond FPGAs, Field Programmable Systems"
  • B. Vincent McKoy, California Institute of Technology
    "Parallel Computations of Electron-Molecule Collisions in Processing Plasmas"
  • N. Radhakrishnan, Computational and Information Sciences Directorate, Army Research Labs, USA
    "Computational Science and Engineering -- Past, Present, and Future"
  • Priya Vashishta, University of Southern California
    "Collaboratory for Info-Bio-Nano Simulations"

2 Industry Keynote Addresses

  • Raju R. Namburu, U.S. Army Research Lab.
    "Computing Environment for Large-Scale Interdisciplinary Applications"
  • Burton Smith, Cray Inc.
    "Redressing the Balance"

2 Banquet Speeches

  • Michel Cosnard, Université de Nice and INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Suresh Vaswani, Wipro Infotech


    57 contributed papers from 12 countries, chosen from 145 papers submitted in response to the call for papers. Contributed papers will be presented in 10 sessions.

Invited Papers Sessions

  • "Embedded Systems"
    Chair: Viktor K. Prasanna, Univ. of Southern California
  • "Biocomputation"
    Chair: Vijay Kumar, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Local Sight Seeing Tour

  • December 22, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm