HiPC Academic Birds of a Feather (BoF)

HiPC is introducing a new session format, starting from this year, named Academic BoFs. The purpose is to help foster greater participation by the academic community, both domestic and international.

Academic BoFs are to be organized by academic and non-commercial research groups to focus on emerging areas of interest, where discussion among HiPC participants will help stimulate new research ideas, address specific problems, and build a research community. Academic BoFs should invite strong participation by researchers and scientists from academia, but may also include industry co-organizers/attendees on topics of mutual interest, thereby leveraging the HiPC eco-system.

The BoF session format is flexible and left to the decision of the organizers, though we encourage sessions that actively engage with the participants. BoFs are typically two hours long and held on Day 1 of the conference. Technical material presented at the BoF will not appear in the proceedings of the conference. However, organizers will be encouraged to produce a one-page report on the outcome of the BoF to post on the HiPC website.

Academic BoFs will complement the main conference technical program and workshops that have peer-reviewed papers. It is expected that successful academic BoFs will advance to full workshops in subsequent years.

Academic BoF Call for Proposals

We welcome proposals for organizing Academic BoFs at HiPC 2014. Proposals can be emailed to the Academic Liaison Co-chairs with the following details:

  1. Title of proposed Academic BoF
  2. Abstract and Topics of Discussion
  3. Format for the BoF (e.g., keynote + presentations, panel discussion, research idea pitches + discussion, tutorials, etc.)
  4. Organizer(s): Name, Affiliation and Email. (Note that at least one of the primary organizers will need to be affiliated with an academic/non-commercial institution.)
  5. Target audience and expected audience size.
  6. Special facilities required (other than projector, screen, microphone and speakers).

Notes to Proposers

  • Decisions on Academic BoFs will be made on a rolling basis. Since this is the first year for these sessions, limited slots are available.
  • Organizers are encouraged to produce a one-page report on the outcome of the BoF that will be posted on the HiPC conference website. However, the report or technical material presented at the BoF will not appear in the conference proceedings.
  • Participants at the BoF will need to be registered for the HiPC main conference. There is no separate registration to attend a BoF. HiPC will not provide any complimentary registration for BoF speakers or organizers. However, limited faculty travel awards may be available for the HiPC conference.

Important Dates

  • Submissions Open:
  • Submissions due: Rolling submissions till slots are open
  • Decisions: Rolling decisions till slots are filled
  • BoF Date: December


    Proposals may be sent as a PDF document by email - acadbof@hipc.org - to the Academic Liaison Co-Chairs: Yogesh Simmhan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Kishore Kothapalli, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad.