International Student Travel Support

Sponsored by IEEE-CS TCPP (Technical Committee on Parallel Processing)

A limited number of travel assistance grants are available from HiPC sponsor IEEE TCPP. Priority will be given to students -based on merit- who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference and to graduate students presenting their own published work. Notice of awards will be made prior to the conference. The grants will be distributed post-conference in the form of reimbursements against actual travel, registration and accommodations expenses submitted by the student. The amount of the grants will be based in part on student travel requirements, quality of paper/poster, and on TCPP funds availability.


To qualify for a student travel assistance grant, a recipient must be:
  • an author of an accepted conference, SRS, or workshop paper and be registered for the conference,
  • Student Member of IEEE-CS TCPP at the time he/she submits an application (see to join), and
  • a full-time student registered toward a degree in computer science, engineering or related field at a university.

How to Apply

To apply for a grant, complete the information in the form below and use the Submit button at the bottom of the form to send your application to the TCPP travel grant committee. The completed application form should include a link to a single pdf file containing your paper-poster acceptance notice AND all reviews if available. The information for your advisor will be used to obtain your advisor’s official endorsement -- an email will be sent to your advisor with a request to endorse your travel. Applications for conference and SRS student authors are due by

The application form can be accessed here

Applicants are encouraged to make their travel plans without depending on notification from the committee to ensure that lowest cost flights and accommodations have been secured.

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline :
  • Notification:
Address any inquiries to to this email.