Workshop at HiPC: FAQs 2015

  1. When is the 2015 workshop proposal submissions deadline?


  2. What workshop topics are of interest?

    Complementing the main technical program, HiPC workshops serve to broaden the technical scope of the conference in emerging areas of high performance computing and communication, and their applications. The HiPC workshops serves as an extended forum to present and discuss work-in-progress as well as mature research among researchers from around the world, and also highlight research activities in India.

  3. Where should one submit a workshop proposal?

    Workshop proposals should be sent to the workshop co-chairs directly via email.

  4. How long can a HiPC workshop be?

    Workshops may be proposed for half-day (three hours).

  5. How many presentations may a workshop include and what are the guidelines?
    • Half-day proposals may include three to four presenters.
    • One of the authors of each workshop papers (preferably the presenting author) should REGISTER before submitting the CAMERA READY version of their paper.
      • This should be clearly noted in the workshop CFP. This is to avoid the ‘no-shows’ of speakers during the workshop.
    • For any queries, please contact the workshop co-chairs.
  6. Will network access be available when the workshop is presented?

    Workshop submissions must clearly indicate if “hands on” exercises are essential for their session. Generally, entire conference area will have open access Wi-Fi. However, if the organisers need dedicated high bandwidth connection, they should contact the workshop organisers in advance.

  7. Do workshop presenters receive complimentary conference registration?

    HiPC trust has a policy to provide ONE COMPLIMENTARY registration (for invited speaker only) per workshop.

  8. What about the requirement to obtain a VISA?

    If any of the speakers need Indian visa please let the HiPC committee know well in advance (preferably by September 30). Please check the main HiPC page for further details.

  9. Workshop paper review process
    • Program Committee for the individual workshop will be ready and published online by May 15.
    • All the papers will be peer-reviewed by at least 2 reviewers.
    • Individual workshop chairs have full freedom to choose a review management system. It is recommended that they should use one.
    • Authors of the papers submitted to the main conference will have an option to submit their rejected papers to the workshop. Thus, a mechanism to forward rejected (marginally rejected) papers from the main conference to the workshop is in place.

    For more details please contact the workshop co-chairs.

  10. What is the time slot and schedule for the workshop(s)?
    • The workshop(s) should be organized in the morning (8.30 AM – 1 PM) or in the afternoon (2 PM – 6 PM) slots. The workshop organizers should let the organizing committee know about their preferences by October 15. This will give both the sides (as well as the speakers) enough time to arrange the logistics and decide the flow of the event.
    • HiPC encourages the individual workshop organizers to finalize their program schedule well in advance and publish online by November 20. In any case, if the workshops organizer needs an invited speaker to be arranged, the HiPC committee can try arranging the same if the program schedule is known in advance. Please coordinate with the workshop chairs for more details.
  11. What kind of help is available to address the publicity issue for the workshops?
    • HiPC committee is in the process of setting up the primary webpage for each workshop on the HiPC website.
    • We encourage all the workshops organizers to use the primary link as the landing page of their individual webpage (maintained by individual organizers)
    • Please feel free to reach out the publicity team at HiPC if you need assistance