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HiPC 2003 - Bangalore, India - December 17-20
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Wednesday Dec. 17

Workshops will be held on Wednesday, December 17, 2003. The goal of the workshops is to present ongoing work, particularily industry related work as opposed to the mature academic research presented in the main conference. The workshops broaden the contents of the four-day event by extending the topics of interest beyond that of the main conference. At the same time, they also deepen the conference theme by focusing on specific topics and bringing together a critical mass of researchers in select areas.


C.P. Ravikumar, Texas Instruments India,
Internet: ravikumar@india.ti.com

The following workshops are colocated with HiPC 2003.

9 :0 0 a m - 1 :0 0 p m
Workshop I

Workshop on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Discovery of biomolecular sequences and their relation to the functioning of organisms have created a number of challenging problems for computer scientists, and led to the emerging interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics and computational biology. The field holds immense potential for aiding in future discoveries such as the design of proteins for efficient administering of drugs and personalized medicine. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss recent research and developments in bioinformatics and computational biology. The workshop will include contributed papers and invited talks. Papers reporting on original research (both theoretical and experimental) in all areas of bioinformatics and computational biology are sought. Surveys of important recent results and directions are also welcome.

9 :0 0 a m - 1 :0 0 p m
Workshop II

Workshop on Cutting Edge Computing
The half-day workshop will feature invited presentations from experts in such areas as Quantum Computing, Supercomputing/Autonomic Computing, Datamining of Scientific Data, etc. The goal is to bring to the attention of researchers and practitioners, recent R&D advances in computing technologies that are expected to dominate the future of computing.

9 :0 0 a m - 1 :0 0 p m
Workshop III

Workshop on Soft Computing
The Workshop on Soft Computing is the second in the series and is a step towards sharing the research results and new directions in the application and convergence of the areas of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Probabilistic computing, Chaotic Computing and Machine Learning. In this workshop which is held along with the HiPC 2003, we intend to provide a platform for Soft Computing researchers for discussion and presentation of their work.

9 :0 0 a m - 1 :0 0 p m
Workshop IV

Trusted Internet Workshop
In recent years, there has been a tremendous push from both civil and military communities for next generation applications demanding Quality of Service (QoS), reliability, and security guarantees. The goal of Trusted Internet workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss their work and exchange ideas in the areas of Internet QoS, Internet Reliability, and Internet Security.

2 :0 0 p m - 6 :0 0 p m
Workshop V

Workshop on Autonomic Applications
The objective of the Autonomic Applications Workshop is to establish a forum to investigate the research issues and enabling technologies toward the convergence of biological, technological and information systems (called Autonomic Computing). Autonomic computing research will enable the design of the next generation of applications that are capable of managing, controlling and optimizing themselves. This workshop will focus on the research issues and challenges facing the development of autonomic applications that are self-defining, self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimizing, self-anticipating, contextually aware of their environments, and open.

2 :0 0 p m - 6 :0 0 p m
Workshop VI

Workshop on e-science (Grid Computing and Science Applications)
The objective of the e-science Workshop is to address the issues related to development of e-science infrastructure, Grid Middleware , Scientific Application and other related issues.

2 :0 0 p m - 6 :0 0 p m
Workshop VII

Workshop on Embedded Systems for Media Processing
Multimedia systems represent a significant part of real-time embedded systems research. Because of the the data sizes, parallelism, signal processing aspects, and soft real-time constraints, multimedia systems are a distinguishable subset of embedded systems. The goal of the workshop is to explore hardware/software/architecture issues and applications of multimedia embedded systems.

Please visit again later for more information regarding the workshops colocated with HiPC.