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  Workshop authors please note
  The following information is for publication of HiPC conference proceedings. For instructions for preparing the workshop proceedings, please contact the workshop organizers.
  Instructions and Checklist for Authors
    1. Copyright Form
    HiPC 2007 proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag as Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Please complete and sign the LNCS copyright form for
    HiPC'07 proceedings and scan and email to , or fax to
    (404)-413-5717, or mail to the following address to reach the Proceedings Chair by August 20th, 2007:
    Sushil K. Prasad
HiPC'07 Proceedings Chair
Department of Computer Science,
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 3994
Atlanta, GA 30302-3994, U.S.A.
    2. Registration Fee
    Register for the conference by August 20th (Conference Registration - possibly with excess page charges). It is mandatory that at least one of the co-authors register for the conference before or at the time that the camera-ready paper is uploaded. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU COMPLY WITH THIS REQUIREMENT! If at least one of the co-authors is not registered by this date, your paper will not be included in the conference proceedings.
    3. Page Charges
    Full papers are limited to 12 pages. Note that 12 pages under LNCS format are much less than 12 pages under IEEE format, so be mindful of this when preparing your final manuscripts. You may buy up to two additional pages at a cost of U.S. $100 per page. If you wish to pay the excess page charge along with your registration fee, use the registration form. For separate Payment for excess page charges: pay online, or download form and mail/fax credit card payment or mail the check payment. All page charges must be sent to Finance Co-Chair by August 20th.
    4. Format
    See "LNCS's Authors' Instructions for the Preparation of Camera-Ready Contributions" for detailed instructions (typeinst.pdf) - this file also serves as a good visual template. You are strongly encouraged to use LATEX2ε for the preparation of your camera-ready manuscript together with the corresponding Springer class file llncs.cls (llncs2e.zip). If you are unable to use LATEX, you may use MS Word together with the template sv-lncs.dot (word.zip), or any other text processing system.
In particular, pay close attention to the following.
  Print Area
  The printing area is 122 mm X 193 mm, which shall be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Fill pages so that the length of the text is no less than 180 mm. The text should be justified to occupy the full line width, so that the right margin is not ragged, with words hyphenated as appropriate.
  No Header/Footer
  Do not use any running header or page numbering.
  The abstract should contain at least 70 and at most 150 words.
  In the printed proceedings, illustrations are black and white (halftones) - to ensure that the reproduction of your illustrations is of reasonable quality we advise against the use of shading. The contrast should be as pronounced as possible.
  The reference list should be set in small print (8 point) and placed at the end of your contribution, in front of the appendix, if one exists. For citations in the text, use square brackets and consecutive numbers: [1], [2], [3] . . .
  Do not in-line any figures or tables with text. Figures and tables should be centered. Figures should be numbered and should have a caption, which should always be positioned under the figures, in contrast to the caption belonging to a table, which should always appear above the table. Leave enough white space between figure/table and texts.
  For the main text (single column), use 10-point type and single-line spacing. Bold type and underlining should be avoided.
    5. Upload
    Electronically submit your paper to Proceedings Chair using the Camera-ready Paper Submission Form by August 20th, 2007. For problems, email to:
    What to Submit?
    Upload a single archived file comprising all your files. If desired, you may compress your file. The uploaded archived file must include your source files (e.g., .tex or .doc files). Here are some pointers on archive/compress utilities. Do not submit any hard copies.
    Archive and submit the following:
    For Latex/Tex users (strongly preferred)
  1. Your source files, e.g. TEX files for the text and PS or EPS files for figures.
  2. Any style files, templates, and special fonts you may have used.
  3. The final DVI file.
The final PS file. When generating the PS file avoid using the option "reverse order".
  5. The final PDF file of the final version of your contribution.
    For MS Word and other users (discouraged):
  1. Your source files, e.g. .doc file for the text and files for figures, if any.
  2. Any style files, templates, and special fonts you may have used.
  3. The final RTF file
  4. The final PDF file of the final version of your contribution.
  Speaker Resources
  Each contributed paper will have 24 minutes of presentation time. This includes 4 minutes for questions and answers. The following facilities will be available for making presentations:
  Overhead Projector for presenters using transparencies
Multimedia Projector for presenters using their own laptops. These support SVGA (800x600) and XGA (1024x768) screen resolutions
  Note: The supply voltage is 220-250 V / 50 Hz (voltage fluctuation can be large).
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