HiPC 2014 Mentoring

A few members of the organizing/program committee have volunteered to assist potential new authors on writing technical papers. These volunteers will provide feedback on what can be done to improve the quality of the research work and the quality of the paper.

Students and first time authors who wish to seek input from these volunteers should submit their camera-ready final drafts by May 15th to mentoring@hipc.org. Mentors will try to provide prompt and actionable feedback, which can be incorporated by the authors before submission in EDAS. After submission to EDAS, the paper will go through the normal review process from the HiPC 2014 Program Committee.

Mentoring feedback will be available on a first come first served basis and is subject to availability of mentors. Hence, authors seeking this option are encouraged to submit final drafts at the earliest to mentoring@hipc.org.

  • New authors should submit camera-ready final drafts of their papers by May 15, 2014 to mentoring@hipc.org. The subject of the email should include HiPC Mentoring (author's name).
  • Papers will be selected for mentoring based upon the available bandwidth of mentors at the discretion of the organizing committee.
  • Authors will receive feedback by email as quickly as possible.
  • Final drafts will still have to be submitted by the HiPC deadline of May 30th and will go through the normal review process.
  • Early submission for mentoring of a good quality draft will increase chances of selection for mentoring.

We hope that this new feature of HiPC will be very useful to young researchers and first time authors.